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Programs for Teachers

Hillbrook isn't just a great place to be a student - it's a great place to work, too. Each year, through strategic initiatives and intentional fundraising events, we strive to make Hillbrook a place where the very best teachers want to be.

Professional Development Opportunities

Our faculty and staff attend over 75 conferences and professional development experiences each year, including PoCC, CATDC Workshops, the Cornell Lab Annual Retreat, Stanford History Education Group, NYAEC Annual, and many more.



Hillbrook's Center for Teaching Excellence

We aim to stand at the leading edge of best practices in education, and one of the ways we achieve this is by attracting and retaining world-class educators. Established in 2012, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Hillbrook School is a learning institute dedicated to the continual, intentional growth of educators at Hillbrook and beyond. The CTE supports lifelong learning, with an emphasis on programs that promote cultures of thinking, co-teaching, and that develop cultural competency, and teacher inquiry.

The Center for Teaching Excellence has given me the opportunity to be a researcher on campus, a co-designer of agile learning spaces and of a new schedule, an observer in Instructional Rounds, a learner about Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity through SEED protocol groups and through faculty/staff meetings, a feedback-asker and giver, and a co-teacher with colleagues across grade levels and disciplines each year. 

- Director of Teaching & Learning, Ilsa Dohmen



The Resident Teacher Program 

Learn to teach by teaching! The Resident Teacher Program is a paid, 1-2 year, intensive, hands-on teaching and professional development experience. Beginning and early-career teachers engage in teaching and school-wide responsibilities with guidance and support from our grade-level and departmental teaching teams.

Are you an early-career educator interested in learning more about The resident teacher program? Reach out to for more information.