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Student Council

Hillbrook STUCO is a group composed of students from 5th-8th grade, who represent the students’ experience and create community within Hillbrook. This group will change the school and students for the better. 

- Hillbrook STUCO Purpose Statement -

Hillbrook's Student Council, Hillbrook STUCO, is an active, peer-elected organization dedicated to ensuring and developing student voice in 5th-8th grades.

Peer-elected representatives serve as a liaison between the student body, the school administration, and the faculty. The organization is also responsible for providing students with a working knowledge of the government and election process. These responsibilities help bring leadership to life, and we actively encourage our students to get active, practice raising their voices for causes and initiatives that matter to them, and stay involved.


Clara Ngo

Clara Ngo

Middle School Math Teacher - 7th Grade (Math/Science Team Lead)