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After School Programs

Adventure, learning, and laughter continue, even after the school day ends. Welcome to Enrichment & Extended Care at Hillbrook.


Enrichment at Hillbrook is an opportunity for students of all grades to participate in a vast array of activities from sports, to jewelry-making, engineering and coding, cooking, music, and more led by qualified instructors including many of Hillbrook's own faculty. We also partner with trusted, local organizations to provide even more opportunities for our students including golf, fencing, and yoga.

Enrichment programs are offered throughout the school year. Students and parents can select from a schedule of course offerings and sign up each session.

Extended Care

In the After School Extended Care Program, students have the choice to read or work together on homework in study hall or have hands on learning opportunities on the playgrounds and play spaces that span the campus. Children who stay with us after school are also offered a healthy afternoon snack every day. Our low student-to-staff ratio invites children to engage more deeply with personal interests and passions. We invite all of our students to discover more with us during Enrichment and Extended Care.

On the occasional rainy day, students are welcomed indoors to relax, watch a family-friendly movie, or participate in educational indoor play experiences. 

The after school Extended Care Program runs Monday to Friday from 3–5:30 PM during the regular school year. We also offer care options on conference, early dismissal, and faculty in-service days.

Nicholle Gutierrez-Cabarloc

Nicholle Gutierrez-Cabarloc

Director of After School, Summer & Transportation Programs
Geraldine Cabutotan

Geraldine Cabutotan

After School & Summer Programs Coordinator