Be Kind. Be Curious. Take Risks. Be Your Best.
Students at Hillbrook are independent and innovative thinkers. Whether troubleshooting an engineering challenge or collaborating on a digital photography project, our students pose and tackle questions throughout the day. Beyond the classroom, encouraging our students to participate in athletics, create art, or simply tell a joke at our weekly flag ceremony are all small but meaningful ways in which we instill confidence, trust, and a sense of joy that set our students apart and carry them throughout their lives.
Our Vision
Inspire students to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world.

Our Mission
Hillbrook provides an extraordinary educational experience that fosters a love of learning in our students and helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve their highest individual potential in school and in life. At Hillbrook, students are known, respected, and valued as individuals and every day is a journey of self-discovery, imaginative thinking, creative problem solving, laughter, and friendship.

Qualities of a Hillbrook Learner

We are curious.

We wonder, question, probe, discover, create, and share our work. We take risks, fall down, get up, and believe in the empowerment of the journey.

We work together.

We collaborate and cooperate in order to develop and grow with grace, bettering ourselves, our community, and our world.

We talk, and we listen.

We are well considered in what we want to say, and we listen with an open mind and genuine care.

We solve problems.

We seek varied perspectives, apply perseverance and resilience, and never give up.

We make things better.

We believe in the power of boundless dreams.

Hillbrook's Communication Norms
Assume good will
We know that each person is committed to Hillbrook’s Vision and Mission and that we all share the same goal - to help each child reach their highest potential in school and in life. 

Come from your own experience
Each person has unique perspectives and experiences, and we make our community stronger when we share those perspectives with others. As a community, we value “I messages” and lived experiences, and do not expect people to represent other people’s voices or ideas. 

Be more curious than certain
We believe that our community is made stronger when we suspend judgment and strive to learn with and from each other. By practicing a growth mindset, we model for each other that all of us, no matter what age or stage in life, can continue to grow and learn. 

Hold yourself and others capable 
As a school, we believe in each person’s ability to be their best as we manage the complexity of living with each other in community. We avoid avoidance, fight the urge to triangulate when faced with difficult problems, and lean into hard conversations, knowing that addressing conflicts directly helps us grow stronger as individuals and as a community.
Our journey continues beyond our years at Hillbrook.
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