Hillbrook is a school in—and of—Silicon Valley.
Technology is thoughtfully and purposefully woven throughout the Hillbrook experience and on a walk through campus you can catch a glimpse of students creating modern artwork using 3-D laser printers or cataloging one of our 168 trees on an iPad. As a powerful learning tool, technology further individualizes our programs; iPads are found everywhere on our campus whether alongside students facilitating civil rights discussions in history or sharing information with their lab partners in science.

Hillbrook is proud to be an Apple Distinguished School, each student participates in our 1:1 iPad program starting in 1st grade, and is instilled early on with a strong sense of ethical judgment and understands the role that digital citizenship plays in our twenty-first century world.

As a school, we stand on the leading edge of advancements in learning by empowering our students to master the tools of today so they have the knowledge and passion to innovate the technologies of tomorrow.

Click to download our e-book from the Apple iTunes store to read further about our journey as a school and how we have integrated technology into our programs, culture, and community here at Hillbrook.

“The administration and faculty at Hillbrook School have exhibited the five best practices of an Apple Distinguished School: visionary leadership, innovative learning and teaching, ongoing professional learning, compelling evidence of success, and a flexible learning environment.”

- Stephanie Carulla, Vice President of Education at Apple
An independent Junior Kindergarten -8th grade school in Los Gatos since 1935

300 Marchmont Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95032
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