Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Duke, Columbia, USC. These are just a few of the institutions that have welcomed Hillbrook alumni. The list of high schools our graduates choose to attend is equally impressive as it is diverse. 
Our graduates thrive in high school, college, and beyond because they are known, valued, and know themselves. Hillbrook students interact easily with others, empathize, and contribute greatly to their current and future communities through their creative thinking, confidence, and drive to improve the world around them.

Standardized testing offers a snapshot of our overall student success, and we understand is helpful in distinguishingthe Hillbrook student amidst his or her peers. We are proud that over 80% of Hillbrook students consistently perform in the 80th and 90th percentiles when tasked with the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) Comprehensive Test Program (CTP-4), an assessment that is a requirement of the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), one of our affiliate accreditations.
The Middle School Advantage - Click here to learn more about the high school decisions of our middle school students as well as the experiences of our graduates as they enter high school.
An independent Junior Kindergarten -8th grade school in Los Gatos since 1935

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