Each of our 339 students bring joy, light, laughter, character, and open minds to our vibrant community of lifelong learners.
Every day at Hillbrook is filled with questions, conversation, cooperation, and discovery. As students tinker in the MakerSpace, experiment in our state-of-the-art science labs, or kindly share a communal set of classroom supplies with peers, they are encouraged to think globally and consider how their experiences here today will shape a better world tomorrow.

We celebrate our tight-knit, dynamic community each Monday morning at Flag, where our entire student body, along with parents, faculty, and staff join together and our students – even our youngest junior kindergartners – are excited to get up onstage and tell a joke to the entire school. Throughout the day, teachers and students across grade levels lead check-ins that instill a climate of comfort, confidence, and inclusivity where each of our children are valued for everything that they are.