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The Hillbrook Parent Association sits at the heart of our community. Learn more about the HPA and how you can get involved in events and traditions hosted by this amazing group of family volunteers.

The Hillbrook Parent Association (HPA) supports the educational experience of Hillbrook's students by building community, fundraising, and helping us celebrate our time-cherished and beloved traditions. Upon your child's admission to Hillbrook School, each parent/guardian becomes a member of the HPA and is welcome to the many events, gatherings, and opportunities that make this group a vibrant way to contribute time and talent to enhancing Hillbrook's community.  Over 450 parents, guardians, and Hillbrook community members take on a variety of volunteer roles, all hosted by the HPA. From holding recurring year-long roles to helping out one-time at an event, there are opportunities that get involved that are considerate of our families’ ability and availability to give the gift of time.

Our families play an integral role in making Hillbrook a special place to learn and grow. Whether this is your first year or your fifth, we encourage you to get in touch with the HPA to find a role that fits your passion. 

Giving the gift of time to Hillbrook:

  • Enjoy remote opportunities to volunteer for tasks on a flexible and remote schedule.

  • Ample on-campus opportunities allow parents/guardians to come to campus and contribute to our school community. 

  • There is sure to be a volunteer opportunity to fit your passion, expertise, and schedule. From helping out in a creative capacity, to connecting families in your grade level, to making the most of all-star organizational skills, and more, we value each of our parent/guardian volunteers.


Colleen Schilly

Colleen Schilly

Associate Head of School