Loukas Angelo Endowment Fund
Honoring Loukas's Life and Legacy

A Hillbrook graduate of the Class of 2015, Loukas Angelo was a beloved member of our community from the moment he first arrived as a junior kindergartner. Athletic, intelligent, quick-witted, and caring, known for his talent for writing and his collection of amazing socks, Loukas was an integral part of his class. A lasting way to honor his memory is through the Loukas Angelo Endowment Fund, a permanent endowment established in his name at Hillbrook in 2021. Permanent endowments are just that—they last forever because their original funds are preserved and only a designated amount of interest is used from them each year. 

Loukas’ family looks forward to the dreams these funds can help other children achieve: attending Hillbrook if tuition is simply out of reach, participating in the various enrichment opportunities Hillbrook offers, or the growth in a young person’s awareness of how to make a difference in this world - something Loukas figured out early and demonstrated often. 

Hillbrook was the place he grew to be the person we miss, and shared a tradition with his brother and cousins that will always be part of him and them. In this way, as in so many others, his memory can lead us to further serve our students and community.  

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  • Read Loukas's 8th Grade Recognition Speech

    At our eighth grade recognition ceremony in 2015, Hillbrook math teacher Robert Sears shared this beautiful reflection of Loukas which captured his spirit and Hillbrook connection that will live on through this Endowment benefitting Flexible Tuition.

    The first words that come to my mind for Loukas, or rather the first words that come to mind after the word “basketball,” are “stoic”, “serious”, “determined”, and, of course, “socks.”

    Loukas is a young man of few words and beautiful socks. Pink socks, purple socks, socks with pictures of fireworks, socks with sunsets, and socks with floral patterns. With his height, his deadpan facial expressions, and his athletic stance, it’s easy to miss the art gallery on his ankles.

    But fashion isn’t the only place Loukas blends seriousness with hints of expansive beauty.

    Even the way he speaks. The vast majority of communication with Loukas consists of nods. He tends to be quiet, but not because he has little to say. He speaks less but chooses his words extremely carefully. When he speaks, he speaks earnestly, and with insight.

    In math class he gave some particularly lucid presentations, followed by a shrug and a smile. His Flag speech was elegant and delivered with confidence and poise.

    His writing is also earnest and vivid; it hints at a wisdom far beyond his years.

    Of course, talking about Loukas, I have to mention basketball. He is a remarkable athlete, both a powerful player and an energetic, devoted, and supportive teammate. What I find most interesting is his story of progressing to the place where he is today.

    Basketball wasn’t easy Loukas when he started playing in fourth grade. In fact, he considered himself the worst player on his team, unable to keep the ball or score in games. His story is one of struggle, practice, dedication, and perseverance - and he is still pushing himself in new areas of athletics. Just last week, he entered the top five in Hillbrook’s 23-year history of record-keeping with a five minute and forty-nine second mile. And just this morning - late-breaking news - after graduation rehearsal, he gave it one last try, and now holds the school’s all-time record with a five minute and thirty second mile, breaking the previous record by five seconds.

    In addition to his athletic accomplishments, he is a devoted older brother. I believe that some of Loukas’ gift for precise and meaningful language has been passed on. I recently asked Nico, who just finished kindergarten, about his big brother Loukas. As Nico describes him, (this is an actual quote): “Loukas is my brother. He is big. He is great. That’s all.”

    Loukas embodies the phrase, “still waters run deep.” The beauty and grace he is capable of is always present, under the surface, and on his feet.
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