Summer Programs at Hillbrook
Hillbrook Summer Programs offer our families a variety of flexible options for students entering junior kindergarten-8th grade. We invite parents and campers to choose the camps that excite and interest them. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to develop existing interests, explore new possibilities, make new friends, and have fun!

Each Hillbrook camp is developed and directed by an experienced educator who is supported by a team of counselors. While Hillbrook camps run independent of one another, campers mingle during lunch and snack time. They also come together in age-appropriate groups for large scale games.

Students who will be entering Hillbrook in the upcoming school year are welcomed and encouraged to join us for Summer Camp. We find that the students who join us for Summer Camp enjoy a smoother transition to Hillbrook once the school year kicks off. We hope to see you this summer!

We are planning and preparing for our summer camps with the expectation that they will occur. Sign up now, no deposit necessary. If the camp must be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no invoices will be issued.

We are also thrilled to welcome non-Hillbrook campers to join us for Summer Programs at Hillbrook. Registration opens in the spring.

Week 1: June 8-12

Deep Sea Explorers
Rising kindergarteners-2nd graders
Join us on a watery adventure! Children will dive into a fun filled week of learning about the many wonders of the sea. Do you know what lives at the bottom of the ocean? Come along and take a journey and find out what lives beneath the dark blue. Through art, science, games and more, campers will explore all the mysteries of the sea.
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)

Engineering Odyssey
Rising 1st-3rd graders
Young engineers will jump into various hands-on building challenges with a wide variety of materials at their fingertips. Starting with a kit, students will be tasked with improving or redesigning using age-appropriate tools and materials.
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)

Day Trippers
Rising 2nd-5th graders
What could be more fun - and exhilarating - than experiencing five local attractions in five days? Each day, campers will take the Hillbrook vans to an exciting destination and participate in a fun recreational event. Final destinations are yet to be determined but past excursions have included: Great America, Golfland & Waterslides, Pruneyard movie theatre, Rock Climbing, and Shark’s Ice. If the “vacationers” have any energy left, they can enjoy a nice swim in the pool at the end of the day. All busing and entry fees are included in the price.
$525 (full-day)

Week 2: June 15-19

To Hillbrook & Beyond
Rising junior kindergarteners & kindergarteners
This summer camp is specially tailored to our incoming junior kindergarten and kindergarten students where they can meet new friends, dance (wiggle) to music, listen to stories and poems, make arts and crafts, play a wide variety of outdoor games, and explore their new home: Hillbrook! Campers can look forward to lots of creative play, make-believe, dress-up, and artistic creations of all kinds. Full-day is only available for kindergarteners. 
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)

Go Go Skateboarding
Rising 1st-4th graders
Has your camper ever wanted to try skateboarding? Aspiring skateboarders will learn foundational skills including stance, balance, sportsmanship, and more. Before the week is through, they’ll be honing their grabs, half-flips, ollies, shuv-its, and kickturns. Campers will really cover it all, including practicing to care for their skateboards. It’s an all-inclusive introduction to the world of skateboarding, so don’t miss out.
$375 (half-day)/$475 (full-day)- price includes materials fee

Confectionery Creations 
Rising 2nd-5th graders
Indulge your sweet tooth while learning techniques for making pies, pastries, candies and more. Children will mix, measure and pour their way to delicious creations while learning about food safety and hygiene. Whether making tea-worthy scones or perfecting a pie crust, your budding chef will develop skills that will last a lifetime. 
$390 (half-day)/$490 (full-day)- price includes additional materials fee
Week 3: June 22-26

Books and Beyond!
Rising kindergartners-1st graders
Your favorite books will come to life as we explore the stories and characters through puppets, props, and fun literacy-based art projects. Stories may include classics such as If “You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and “Don’t Let the Pigeons Drive the Bus” along with new favorites. 
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)

Makers Club
Rising 2nd-3rd graders
This STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, & Math) program inspires kids to explore, experiment, and create! Students interact with fun Maker Kits that enhance mechanical, artistic, and engineering skills, while encouraging them to act as inventors in their own right. Participants design and build their own hydraulic arms, learn to harness energy to power race cars, and experiment with structural design. Plus, students can keep their inventions and proudly share their projects with family and friends. Makers Club is fully aligned with NGSS Standards.
$375 (half-day)/$475 (full-day)- price includes materials fee

Basketball Camp
Rising 4th-6th graders
If you’re looking to improve your basketball skills, then this camp is for you. Campers will learn the fundamentals of the game and work on improving ball-handling skills. As a team sport, basketball will help develop campers’ sportsmanship and character. 
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)
Week 4: June 29- July 2 (No camp July 3)

Art Explorers 
Rising kindergartners-1st graders
Do you love to build 3-D sculptures using clay, and paper mache? Awaken creativity and imagination as you explore a variety of art techniques, such as 3-D art, watercolor, and more.  All masterpieces will be taken home on the last day of camp. 
$300 (half-day)/$400 (full-day)

Art Meets Science
Rising 2nd-3rd graders
This camp is all about creativity and exploration with daily activities divided into two segments. First, students get to travel around the world exploring different countries and their cultures. After exploring fundamental art concepts such as color mixing, drawing, shading, texture, and more,they then make an artistic representation of something important from that culture using different media such as acrylic paint, water color, and oil pastels. The second part of the program is built upon inquiry, experimentation, and play! Students will receive their very own ScienceWiz™ kit and use it to dive deep into one important scientific concept, like electricity, sound, physics, and more!
$350 (half-day)/$450 (full-day)- price includes materials fee

Free Art in the Hub
Rising 4th-8th graders
Dream it. Start it. Prototype it! Campers will be able to explore their curiosity and create unique works of art. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy time with a variety of different materials, including cardboard, wood, recycled "paperphanalia," acrylics, plastics, and more. Projects are defined by the campers’ imagination, so just consider the possibilities!
$300 (half-day)/$400 (full-day)
Week 5: July 6-10

Little Travelers
Rising kindergartners-1st graders
Pack up your bags, get your passport and get ready! Let your imagination take flight, traveling around the world to different and exotic places. Will you catch a wave in Fiji, or maybe go dog sledding in Norway??  Campers will learn about different places through food, art, books, and more. 
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)

Magic Camp
Rising 2nd-3rd graders
Welcome to the world of Magic where every child is a star! In this unique summer camp, students build self-confidence, performance skills, and theatrical charm to wow their audience with tricks from their very own magic kits! New to the world of magic? This is the perfect place to start! This course offers an experienced instructor, a step-by-step guidebook, and access to tutorial videos so children can continue their practice at home!
$375 (half-day)/$475 (full-day)- price includes materials fee

Culinary Cuisine 
Rising 4th-8th graders
If your dream is to work in a professional kitchen or to further develop your cooking skills, the time has arrived. We will step into Hillbrook’s industrial kitchen and explore all its features. Campers will work with different kinds of proteins, focusing on knife skills while learning about food safety and handling, hygiene and kitchen conduct. We will hone in on techniques for roasting, frying, searing, and baking to create meals worthy of sharing. Space is limited to 10 campers, so sign up early!
$390 (half-day)/$490 (full-day)- price includes additional materials fee
Week 6: July 13-17

Animal Architects with Lego Materials
Rising kindergartners-2nd graders
Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts as we design and build leaping dolphins, buzzing beehives, and towering giraffes. Play, create, and learn in a world inspired by the animal kingdom. Design and build as never before and explore your craziest ideas.
$375 (half-day)/$475 (full-day)

Dance Revolution
Rising 3rd-5th graders
Are you ready to learn some dance choreography in the summer? In this energy-filled camp, students will learn dance warm-ups, do across the floors, learn about different genres of dance and do fun dance crafts. You will break a sweat! Be ready to bring your positive vibes and water bottle, because you will have the opportunity to bust some moves. 
$360 (half-day)/$475 (full-day)

Hillbrook Athletics “BEARS” Training Camp
Rising 5th-8th graders
Are you planning on joining a Fall, Winter, Spring sport? This multi-sport program is geared toward giving students a positive first step into athletics.  Students will learn more about playing offense, defense, and develop team strategies for volleyball, basketball and flag football. This camp will help hone athletic skills and the fundamental importance of teamwork and fair play in a safe, structured environment. 
$360 (half-day)/$460 (full-day)
Weeks 1-6 (June 8- July 17)

Hillbrook Junior Camp Leaders
Rising 6th-8th graders
Hillbrook Junior Camp Leader positions are available throughout all six weeks of summer. The Hillbrook Junior Camp Counselor experience gives our 6th-8th students the exciting and valuable opportunity to work with our younger campers, help assist directors, lead games, help facilitate a wide variety of other fun activities, and learn the inner workings. The tuition amount for this camp covers the cost of supplies for our Junior Camp Leaders.
$100 (half-day and full-day)
Our flexible schedule offers:

Full-day Camp: 9 AM-3 PM pick-up off-campus
Half-day Camp: 9 AM-1 PM pick-up at Hillbrook School 

Camps run from 9 AM-1 PM with Extended Care available a local off-campus location from 1-3 PM.
For more information on summer camps, please contact  If you are receiving a tuition assistance award, you are offered a session of summer camp at a reduced rate correlating to your percentage of tuition assistance. Please reach out to Margaret Randazzo ( to make your summer camp selection and for payment details.

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