For many years, barn owls have returned to our campus to nest in the top of the Tower building. 
Today, technology makes it possible for us to have a window into this exciting natural process of laying eggs, hatching them, and raising owlets.

We invite you to join us as we observe these wild animals in this minimally invasive way. We hope it will spark wonder and questions for you and your families. Consider keeping a family journal of your observations such as number of eggs, hatching days, first flights, and more.
Curious to learn more about our wild Hillbrook friends? 

For resources about owls, including to learn more about their behaviors in the wild visit:

  1. KidWings: Barn Owls: child-friendly conservation site, including digital owl pellet dissection. 
  2. All About Birds: Barn Owl: identification and species information, including video and audio of their screech:  
  3. Animal Diversity: additional information including scientific data.

For examples of other wildlife webcams in nature, check out:

The Owl Channel hosts even more owl cams from beyond the Bay Area.

Visit the Barn Owl Trust for even more resources about natural wildlife preserve organizations. 

Note: We strongly suggest viewer discretion since these predatory animals engage in a variety of wild behaviors that young or sensitive viewers might find too difficult to watch.

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