Hillbrook Summer Programs

Summer Camp at Hillbrook offers our families a variety of flexible options for students of all grade levels. We invite parents and campers to choose the camps that excite and interest them. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to develop existing interests, explore new possibilities, make new friends, and have fun!

Each Hillbrook camp is developed and directed by an experienced educator who is supported by a team of counselors. While Hillbrook camps run independent of one another, campers mingle during lunch and snack time. They also come together in age-appropriate groups for large scale games.

Students who will be entering Hillbrook in the upcoming school year are welcomed and encouraged to join us for Summer Camp. We find that the students who join us for Summer Camp enjoy a smoother transition to Hillbrook once the school year kicks off. We hope to see yout this summer!

Join us for Summer@Hillbrook!

This year, we are thrilled to welcome non-Hillbrook families to join us during our six-week program, Summer@Hillbrook, from June 12-July 21. We offer camps geared toward students entering junior kindergarten-8th grade.

Learn more about the camps offered this year, and register for camps today! Registration for Summer@Hillbrook opens May 1 and closes May 19.

Summer@Hillbrook Week #1, June 12-16

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  • Day Trippers

    Grades: 2-6

    What could be more fun - and exhilarating - than experiencing five fun recreational attractions in five days? Each day of camp, Day Trippers will take your child to a place he or she is sure to love. Guided by Hillbrook teachers, groups of campers have the opportunity to hang out with old friends and make new ones, all the while making amazing memories! Final destinations for this year are being confirmed, and past excursions have included: Raging Waters, Golfland & Waterslides, Sky High and Saratoga AMC movie theatre: Cars 3. All busing and entry fees are included in camp tuition.

    Tuition: $525
  • Free Art

    Grade: 4-8

    Dream it. Start it. Prototype it! Campers will be able to explore their curiosity and create unique works of art. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy time with a variety of different materials, including cardboard, wood, recycled paperphanalia, acrylics, plastics, and more. Projects are defined by the campers’ imagination, so just consider the possibilities!

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)
  • Mini Makers

    Grade: K-2

    Get creative and come tinker with us. Students will hone their creativity and passion for innovation as creators, artists, and builders. Campers will hone their problem solving skills and take on dynamic hands-on projects as they collaborate and engage in a variety of fun and challenging design challenges.
    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)

Summer@Hillbrook Week #2, June 19-23

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  • FUNtastic Science

    Grade: K-1

    Do you like mind blowing good fun? Campers will have a blast experiencing unique, interactive, and hands-on science activities. Look forward to your student being amazed with electromagnets, navigating a marble roller coaster, captaining a balloon rocket, and taking on parachute drops.  
    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)
  • Iron Chef: Hillbrook

    Grade: 4-8

    Come mix, stir, and mash in the kitchen, led by a real culinary chef! Campers will learn a ton of great skills including kitchen basics, food handling, sanitation, and food safety. They are sure to be hands-on cooking pros by the end of camp as they work their way through a menu that includes appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. On the final day of camp, all our chefs will come together to cook with a mystery ingredient, just like in the show! Who will be the next Iron Chef: Hillbook?

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$400 (Half Day)

Summer@Hillbrook Week #3, June 26-30

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  • Brain Games

    Grade: K-1

    Masterminds challenge campers will mind-bending, team-building, fact-finding, fun activities. Campers take over the campus as they complete mind-bursting challenges including a scavenger hunt, clue hunt, find the photo, scrabble relay and much more.  

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)
  • Minecraft

    Grade: 2-4

    In our all-new Minecraft Camp, campers will learn exciting lessons in coding and create “mods” - modifications - for Minecraft. They will keep well-fueled with delicious Minecraft-themed snacks, create with Minecraft-inspired arts and crafts, enjoy outdoor fun, and more!

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)
  • Spanish Fun

    Grade: K-3

    Join us this summer for an enthralling week filled with Latin drum rhythms, dancing, singing, and performing in a new language! Campers will learn the Spanish language in a new and engaging atmosphere. At the end of the week, the campers will share their honed language skills and cultural experiences in a performance for their fellow campers.

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)

Summer@Hillbrook Week #4, July 3-4 (3-Day Week)

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  • Hillbrook Junior Chefs: Let's Get Cooking!

    Grade: 1-3

    Campers will learn the fundamentals of how to prepare food, use cooking measurements, become acquainted with safety and clean up work in the kitchen, and become a chef extraordinaire. Led by a real culinary chef, campers will make yummy culinary creations to enjoy. They will cook and bake new recipes to hone through differnt techniques. Along with their creations, they will make their own chef hats, recipe books, and placemats.

    Tuition: $264 (Full Day)/$210 (Half Day)
  • Minecraft

    Grade: 4-8

    Calling all 3D builders...Minecraft camp will work together to construct a world of your choosing. What will we build? Well that’s up to you! We will do some research, find (or build) some plans, and construct habitats and vareity of different terrains. No experience with Minecraft? No problem! There will be something for everyone, and short, interactive lessons on how to do the basics. 

    Tuition: $264 (Full Day)/$210 (Half Day)
  • Out-of-this-World Adventures


    Get ready for a week of learning and exploration, because this week promises to be out of this world! Campers will explore comets, stars, planets and then dive deep and journey to the depths of the deep blue sea. Students can look forward to creating their own rockets and learning all about the planets, sea critters, and mammals.

    Tuition: $264 (Full Day)/$210 (Half Day)

Summer@Hillbrook Week 5, July 10-14

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  • Escape Room at Hillbrook

    Grade: 5-8

    Tick-tock, tick-tock...Campers will need to work together to solve a series of different puzzles and clues in order to get out of the "Escape Room"! Over the week, we will try our hands at designing and implementing our very own escape room for our fellow campers to work through. Sign up today time is running out!
    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$375 (Half Day)
  • Hillbrook Happenings

    Grade: K-1
    Campers can look forward to experiencing beloved holidays, all in one week. From trick or treating to making snowflakes, students are invited to join us for a fun-filled week of enchantment and holiday magic.

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)
  • Roxaboxen

    Grade: 2-4

    Campers are invited to join Hillbrook’s real-life take on popular children’s book, Roxaboxen, by Alice McLerran. Students will build an entire community constructed from boxes, rocks, and fantasy. Campers will breathe life into the story as they are busy building box buildings, open businesses, and develop a currency, and take on the roles that make a community come to life. This camp will encourage risk-taking, curiosity, and ingenuity.

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)

Summer@Hillbrook Week #6, July 17-21

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  • Hillbrook Athletics "Bears" Training Camp

    Grade: 4-7

    Are you planning on joining a fall, winter, or spring sport? This multi-sport program is geared toward giving students a positive first step into athletics.  Students will learn more about playing offense, defense, and develop team strategies for volleyball, basketball and flag football. This camp will help hone athletic skill and the fundamental importance of teamwork and fair play in a safe, structured environment.

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350(Half Day)
  • To Hillbrook and Beyond...

    Grade: JK/K

    This summer camp is especially tailored to our incoming junior kindergarten and kindergarten students where young campers can meet new friends, dance (wiggle) to music, listen to stories and poems, make arts and crafts, and play a wide variety of outdoor games, and explore their new home - Hillbrook! Campers will use their imaginations for lots of creative play, make believe, dress-up, and artistic creations of all kinds.

    Tuition: $440 (Full Day)/$350 (Half Day)

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