Hillbrook Co-Hosts First Social Impact Design Workshop with Educational Leaders Nationwide

Ilsa Dohmen and Annie Makela
Taking advantage of the location of this year’s NAIS Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA, Annie Makela, Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and Ilsa Dohmen, Director of Hillbrook’s Center for Teaching Excellence, reached out to collaborative partners at the innovative Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta. Its Institute for Innovation (mvifi.org) challenges their school to be its best for students and teachers much like Hillbrook's own Center For Teaching Excellence (CTE) (hillbrookcte.org).

Makela, Dohmen, and peers brainstormed a way to showcase both Hillbrook’s expertise in social entrepreneurship education and MVIFI’s expertise in design-thinking by producing the first Social Impact Design Workshop, co-hosted by MVIFI and Hillbrook.

Drawing over 30 educational leaders to arrive for the NAIS Annual Conference a day before the conference was set to begin, guests gathered on Wednesday, March 7 at Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta) to hear from speakers representing a range of perspectives from K-12 to collegiate, and to collaboratively design the next social impact education programs for schools. A highlight of the workshop included hearing from a Hillbrook alumnus: Bennett Shaw ('11) served as one of the workshop's speakers. The driving question for this workshop was: “How might we explore, design and experiment with social impact projects and programs in our schools?”

Gathering with thought leaders from around the country, Hillbrook will lead the way in exchanging ideas for supporting the growth of social impact work within the Los Gatos community and in school communities across the country.

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