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Hillbrook Sound Project Concert Shares Student Choice & Creativity

Erin Schwartz
The 3rd Grade Sound Project Concert was a musical, theatrical, and artistic success! Our enraptured audience of parents, teachers, and students gathered in the amphitheater and were transported from crazy kitchens, to deep under the sea, to a spooky haunted mansion, and more! Our 3rd graders shared original poetry that set the scene for their musical stories, and performed original compositions on their unique found object musical instruments. 
The students are now slated to choose places of personal meaning and significance and install their Sound Project instruments as art pieces around the Hillbrook campus, so when those appear, be sure to take a moment to further explore their work!

Led by 3rd and 4th grade science teacher Jenny Jones and JK-3rd grade music teacher Kristin Engineer, the 3rd Grade Hillbrook Sound Project is a cross-disciplinary, collaborative exploration that integrates the study of sound, art, music, and poetry writing.

Click here to read the students' original Sound Project poetry on Hillbrook Voices, the Blog of Hillbrook School.