As our middle school students transition into their early adolescence, our learners continue to thrive in an environment that offers further opportunities to be challenged intellectually and to continue developing their voice, social-emotional maturity, and self-confidence in a supportive and inclusive environment. 

The Middle School curriculum encourages students to interact with the world around them to hypothesize, manipulate and interact, and infer in a way that harnesses both their growing intellectual curiosities and developing research skills. Teachers partner with learners to create experiences that see our students exploring innovative lab techniques, integrating technology, conducting extensive research, manipulating mathematical problems, writing creatively, actively discussing, and thinking critically from a variety of perspectives.

Our graduates are accepted and thrive at competitive local independent and public high schools, national boarding schools, and colleges and universities throughout the nation and abroad.

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  • 5th Grade

    Students analyze novels and poetry for tone, setting, plot, and character development. Literature-based writing assignments help develop mastery of literary elements and gievs hands-on experience in practicing the structure of a paragraph. Students also continue their systematic, cumulative study of formal grammar, emphasizing usage and mechanics in writing and analysis of sentence structure in reading.
  • 6th Grade

    Students craft multi-paragraph assignments structured around a central theme or idea. Topics and genre vary, and all promote fluency of the written word, comfort with the writing process, and a challenge for each student to stretch their learning to their highest individual potential. Students can recognize the main themes of a reading as well as how these themes develop over time.
  • 7th Grade

    Students master a variety of genres and terms through academic, creative, and hands-on projects and learning experiences. They are encouraged to critically about literature and express their ideas both verbally and in writing. Students explore novels, short stories, poems, and myths. Our learners are also called upon to reflect further upon the process of writing as they look closely at the styles and techniques authors use to craft effective pieces of poetry and prose.
  • 8th Grade

    Students continue to build comfort, confidence, and competence in reading, writing, and critical thinking while exploring great works of literature through analysis, roundtable discussion, and theatrical re-enactment. Students achieve mastery of standard conventions for writing and literary analysis, including thesis-writing and comparative literature.
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