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8th Graders are Historical Fiction Writers - and Read Aloud to 2nd Grade Buddies!

2nd graders are in for a treat during their Morning Meetings on Google Meet. 8th grade students in Mr. Jacobson's class selected a pivotal moment in history, researched the life and times around it, and then worked together to create a historical fiction short story to read-aloud to 2nd grade students during their virtual morning gatherings. 

From Plessy vs. Ferguson, where students gave insight into the rise of Civil Right in the U.S., to an illustrated story about brothers fighting to reunite during the time of the Chinese Exclusion Act, 8th graders were thoughtful about how they could engage their 2nd-grade audience. They enhanced their stories with illustrations, vocabulary word banks, and Q-and-A sessions to further enhance their lower school buddies' understanding and enjoyment of their work. 

You can visit a sampling of these stories below: 

Not a Criminal, Just Japanese-American by Addy & Morgan
The Chinese Exclusion Act: Brothers Forever by Audrey & Kayleigh
Plessy vs. Ferguson: The Rise of Civil Rights in the U.S. by Jake & Ben
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