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Hillbrook Lower School Students Live On the Radio with Celina Rodriguez & La Kaliente!

Spanish radio host Celina Rodriguez visited in Hillbrook School in May, when students had the opportunity to questions and learn more about her career in journalism. A collaboration with the Scott Center For Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook, students were able to hear firsthand how a career in news and writing contributes to a community and how the role of journalist acts as not only a storyteller but an empathizer in human experiences and stories, too.

Following this talk, a small group of 1st-3rd graders joined Rodriguez in her studio to be part of her Wednesday radio show, La Kaliente (1370 AM). The radio show was conducted entirely in Spanish, and Celina asked the students to share what they loved most about Hillbrook.

They shared their favorite songs, food and they even had a chance to ask Celina a few questions.

You can listen to the radio show featuring Hillbrook students here:

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