The Power of Hillbrook
The Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship

The Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship & Hillbrook’s Service Learning Program support Student-Driven Disaster Relief Efforts

Annie Makela and Eden Maisel
At Hillbrook, we continue to support our students, families, and community as we each feel the impact of the natural disasters that have occurred across the country and in our own state. The Northern California wildfires and the Bear Fire feel a bit different than the others, as both have been close enough to impact our daily activities. Many of us have friends or family who had to evacuate and experienced loss. Some of our own families were evacuated from the Bear Fire.  

Our reactions and responses to children in times of stress, worry, and confusion are impactful. Be gentle with yourself and your child during these conversations. Take care to acknowledge acts of kindness as they occur everyday.

Here are some of the ways we as a school community have support disaster relief efforts and conversations around natural disasters:

  • Our most recent Hillbrook School Parent Council Meeting included a timely parent education forum around communicating with our children about disaster. Thank you to licensed psychologist, HSPC Parent Education chair,  and Hillbrook parent Sarah Levoy for spearheading this conversation  this week.
  • Our school’s service learning program and the launch of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook  provide the platform and infrastructure for ongoing support and exploration as students navigate how they might each make an impact in our world.
  • Encourage your child to join the lower school  social impact lunches on “B days” in the library classroom to connect with other students and share ideas of support and leadership. This experiences is supported by the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

  • On Monday, November 6,  during B Day lunch, Lisa Bacchus, Hillbrook parent and disaster relief expert, will share more about her work in communities hit by natural disasters with interested students over lunch.

  • Hillbrook will be donating funds that we received from the Los Gatos Great Race challenge to an organization or community in need. Student council, Helping Everyone Reach Out (HERO), and social impact club will all play a role in determining where the funds will go.

  • Ms. Mak, Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and Mrs. Maisel, Service Learning Coordinator, are available to meet with any student who wants to make an impact. They are happy to steer students towards resources and support efforts to turn an idea into action.

  • Students of all ages at Hillbrook will continue to participate in service learning experiences in the community. Consider taking time to reflect and connect with your child before and after these experiences.
Everyday, we hear of ways students and families devote time, expertise, and funding to causes they care deeply about. Keep sharing these stories with us. And keep listening to your children as they make sense of what it means to live in a world that is constantly changing.