Healthy, active bodies foster healthy, active minds. 
Hillbrook students are doers who love being active. Every day, all across campus you see Hillbrook students joyfully running, skipping, and dancing from class to class. That spirit of movement for the sake of fun and personal expression guides our physical education program.

Encouraging participation at all levels makes us stronger together. Through sportsmanship, teamwork, and a constant challenge of putting one's best self forward, our students develop into athletes who embody our core values - Be Kind, Be Curious, Take Risks, Be Your Best.

Physical education begins in junior kindergarten with a focus on movement, balance, strength, and physical expression through kindergarten. Students in 1st and 2nd grades meet participate in physical education classes two times a week, led by Hillbrook team of outstanding P.E. teachers. P.E. teachers are also present and helping with developing team-game skills during morning and afternoon recesses throughout the week. grades 3rd-8th graders participate in physical education classes four times a week. Our physical education classes develop coordination, teach athletic skills, and develop sportsmanship. Once a week, students participate in a fitness day
that promotes strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance and includes running a cross-country mile around the Hillbrook campus. Every spring, Hillbrook students enjoy swimming during P.E. class in the pool.

In the Middle School, Hillbrook’s program highlights further skill development in 5th-8th grades with many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular sports teams. Nearly 90% of all middle school students participate in at least one interscholastic sport. Sports offered include basketball, volleyball, flag football, track, and cross country. On every team at Hillbrook, we emphasize participation, skill development, and teamwork, as well as attitude and commitment on the part of players and coaches.

Skilled coaches and enthusiastic athletes work together with a shared commitment to the sport, developing athletic skills, and promoting sportsmanship. Students explore the excitement and challenges of both victory and defeat in a cooperative, supportive team environment that prepares our athletes for a world of competitive sports in high school, college, and beyond.

Balancing Participation and Competition

Our philosophy for preparing students for competition includes skill development, teamwork, participation, good sportsmanship, and pride in personal and team accomplishments. Each student who desires to participate is provided an opportunity to play on a team and gain valuable experience in a competitive athletic environment.
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