Student choice, voice, and engagement are at the center of the Hillbrook journey.
Our learners are challenged to develop their intellectual curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and interpersonal maturity. At the center of it all are learning opportunities that emphasize student choice and engagement for a lifetime of academic enrichment and growth.

 At Hillbrook, learning is hands-on and project-based. Our exceptional teachers design learning experiences to meet students where they are and challenge them to reach their highest individual potential. Hillbrook students are welcomed into an inclusive community of learners and inspired to achieve their dreams, while also reaching beyond themselves to make a difference in the world. Our program instills a lifelong love of learning as it encourages curiosity and discovery, develops critical thinking and reflection, and celebrates risk-taking and failure. The result is an exceptional academic experience where choice and engagement are at the center of everything we do.

Hillbrook engages students in authentic, deep learning through interdisciplinary projects that connect subjects, whether it’s science and art, music and mathematics, or English and humanities. Our students solve real-world problems and connect with real-world experts and mentors beyond the Hillbrook campus.

From Junior Kindergarten to 8th grade, our program nurtures students to live out our core values: be kind, be curious, take risks and be your best. Learning in the Hillbrook Way means believing you can make a difference in the world and having the tools and confidence to try.
An independent Junior Kindergarten -8th grade school in Los Gatos since 1935

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