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At the heart of great schools is great teaching.

The core of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Hillbrook is the Resident Teacher Program, a two-year, hands-on teaching and professional development experience that incorporates both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching. Modeled after medical residency training provided for doctors, Resident Teachers are beginning and early-career teachers, often with teaching credentials or masters degrees, who immerse themselves in the intellectually rich and reflective culture of teaching and learning at Hillbrook in partnership with our grade-level and departmental teaching teams.

The Resident Teacher Program has three goals.
1. Increase individual attention and differentiated instruction in the classroom for Hillbrook students. Two teachers in a classroom makes our already small classes even smaller, and creates opportunities for increased understanding and support of each student.
2. Create mentoring and co-teaching opportunities for Hillbrook faculty that allow for more opportunities for deep reflection on best practices. Invigorated, engaged teachers are committed to making sure they are providing the best possible program for each student.
3. Train and nurture beginning and early career teachers so they are extraordinarily well-prepared candidates for top public and private schools around the country, including Hillbrook.
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