Why Hillbrook?
Our school was founded on a keen sense of community, and our families are an important part of our campus life.

Here's what our families are saying about Hillbrook:
I love how teachers who support my daughter’s learning always have fun stories and highlights of her day to share.

Although she's only five, my daughter has already had so many incredible experiences at Hillbrook. As a Kindergarten student, she has benefited from the enriched atmosphere and the kindness of her teachers. I love how teachers who support my daughter’s learning always have fun stories and highlights of her day to share. As a Hillbrook teacher, I feel lucky to be part of a warm and supportive community that shows appreciation for all of our staff. It is important for me as a parent and educator to witness Hillbrook's commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.  This is part of the school mission and is embedded as part of the curriculum for all grades. It is important for students to be kind, curious and global citizens of the world; Hillbrook aims to accomplish this.

-The Guidry Family (Nahla '30)
At Hillbrook, our youngest son found kindness, acceptance, and teachers who saw the best in him and both encourage and challenge him at every step.

He is not just doing well, he is thriving! He has gained self-confidence, friendship and deep understanding of the world around him, all in a positive nurturing environment. The school has made our lives so much richer and better.

-The Roman Family (Anton '25)
When we found Hillbrook School, we knew we had found something unique.

Searching for a school these days is a daunting task, and we knew that it would be tough to find a school that stayed true to our values while also providing an excellent academic foundation for our kids.
Hillbrook School emphasizes empathy along with excellence, a rare combination that we knew would be the best possible fit for us. These elements have helped our son’s mind and heart expand in ways we couldn’t have imagined. We noticed an instantaneous and palpable change in our son that has continued throughout his time at Hillbrook. He is still our “Zane”, but the best possible version of himself. His curiosity is encouraged, his mind is challenged, and most importantly, his kindness is celebrated. The confidence his teachers have given him is something that he will carry with him his entire life.

-The Patel Family (Zane '30)
Hillbrook's true gift is this: our daughter walks out our front door each morning excited for what the school day will bring.

Hillbrook unlocks her curiosity and love of learning while teaching her to be emotionally intelligent, resilient, and believe in herself.  The teachers instill these critical traits in a caring and supportive environment. We think these qualities will lead her towards success and happiness, whatever path in life she may forge. 

-The Corsiglia Family (Azadeh '29)
A lot of schools talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, but Hillbrook really integrates DEI into everything they do.

HIllbrook is truly an extraordinary place for children to learn and grow. We love that the teachers and staff support and celebrate each child’s uniqueness and make sure every child feels welcome and included. The curriculum is challenging, but fun, and not only inspires a love for learning, but also ignites a passion for creating a better and more equitable world. It’s this focus on building character and caring about the world, while receiving an exceptional, well-rounded education that makes Hillbrook so special.

Our entire family has felt welcome at Hillbrook since the first time we stepped foot on campus. The exceptional teachers and staff make sure every child feels seen and valued so they can truly be their best self. 

-The Cristina Family (Levi '27; Luca '29)
We fell in love with Hillbrook for two reasons - its style of hands-on, exploratory, project-based learning but also its ability to raise exemplary students who are mature, poised, well-spoken, conscientious and kind.  

Our eldest daughter joined Hillbrook as a timid, shy girl who was afraid to make her thoughts known to others and graduated the school 10 years later with a maturity and confidence that leaves others with the impression she is entering college and not high school. When our daughter was accepted into a prestigious top tier boarding school and placed into their honors program as a 9th grader, we knew that Hillbrook had prepared her well.  

-The Gally Family (Hannah '21; Emma '23)
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