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Connected Hearts, Expanding Minds:

Hillbrook Middle School 

an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach designed to establish and enhance pathways to success

The middle school experience

Building on the extraordinary foundation of our JK - 4 program, our Middle School program is designed to challenge and encourage kind, curious, confident learners. The Hillbrook Middle School experience creates a pathway built upon strong academic and social-emotional skills, preparing each student for high school and beyond.

Our programming offers a whole-child, real-world learning approach that incorporates rigorous academics seamlessly with DEI+JA, and a strong sense of personal identity and belonging. Unique to Hillbrook, our Reach Beyond Block expands in Middle School, allowing students to explore what matters to them and what they can do it about with the tools, agency, and encouragement to create the change they want to see.

In Middle School, we have high expectations for our students: to live by Hillbrook values and discover their personal best.


Hillbrook's Middle School program is a  bridge into high school and beyond - with engagement and identity at the center of the learning experience, students find a voice and sense of belonging. Our curriculum is challenging, hands-on, and flexible, keeping minds and bodies active and engaged while broadening students' understanding of the world, their communities, and themselves.


At Hillbrook, we recognize that students need to be equipped with skills in communications, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity to adapt to challenges and build resilience. With a curriculum that balances academic rigor with social-emotional learning, Hillbrook students are equipped with the skills they'll need for a future we cannot yet imagine. 


Hillbrook’s mission and vision serve as the foundation of our Middle School program. From 5th through 8th grade, from classroom to capstone project, all students learn and live out our Core Values - be kind, be curious, take risks, be your best - as they strive to reach their highest potential in school and in life as engaged learners and empathetic, self-aware community members.


Signature Programs


A Day in the Life

The Middle School Schedule

5th-8th Grade Students: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

The Middle School schedule incorporates time for skill-building and collaborative learning, alongside endless opportunities for student choice and engagement. English, Science, Math, History, World Language, Physical Education, and Visual and Performing Arts meet with equal frequency, as students establish fluency in and discover connections between each of these disciplines. Integrated learning blocks offer students extended time for inquiry, labs, debates, creating and building, and more (and good conversations can get the attention they deserve!). Through club times, 7th and 8th Grade quarter-long Electives, Athletics and afterschool opportunities, and during Reach Beyond experiences, students can tailor their learning and explore diverse offerings, as well as pursue areas of curiosity or passion.

Students use lunch times to pursue club and leadership opportunities, get help from teachers, and spend time with friends. Through specially designed programs - our weekly Reach Beyond Block, annual Reach Beyond Week, and the 8th grade capstone Social Impact Project - our students have regular opportunities to partner with, explore, and problem-solve with the community beyond campus. After school, our students can attend enrichment classes or play team sports, including basketball, cross-country, volleyball, flag football, and more.


8th graders compete in an end-of-the-year Regatta. After teaming up and building their vessels in the Hub out of cardboard and duct tape, each team races across our campus pool in hopes of victory - or at least staying afloat!

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