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Hillbrook Lower School 

laying a foundation of just-right challenges for students to develop a strong sense of self as members of a diverse and thriving community

The Lower school experience

Hillbrook Lower School provides a rich and rigorous experience for students in both academics and personal development. Students are known and respected as learners and information-seekers, and are encouraged to actively engage in their own unique journeys. Our experienced educators guide student explorations and build on their natural curiosity and playfulness - at Hillbrook, learning is a process focused on inspiring new and exciting questions, not just finding answers. Students discover their passions and grow into confident, creative learners.

Each day is an adventure in hands-on activities and project-based learning, with intentional opportunities to connect each lesson to the world beyond the classroom. Foundational academic skills are taught alongside collaborative skills: problem-solving, communication, a positive sense of identity, and empathy. Both our curriculum and our beautiful campus - 14 acres of sunshine, hills, and trees - create an expansive space for our students to take risks, build confidence, and discover who they are, both as individuals and as a cherished part of a kind, inclusive community.


Hillbrook's Lower School program helps children develop a strong sense of self as an individual and as a member of a diverse and thriving community. Our daily learning is joyful, active, and collaborative; research and best practices in education guide us toward a whole-child approach with student curiosity and interest at the heart of our days.


Students of all ages need to be equipped with skills in communications, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity to adapt to any challenges that they face. With a curriculum that balances academic rigor with social-emotional learning, Hillbrook students build the skills they'll need for a future we cannot yet imagine. 


Hillbrook’s mission and vision serve as the foundation of our Lower School program. From JK through 4th grade, from the classroom to the playground, all students learn and live out our Core Values - be kind, be curious, take risks, be your best - as we strive to help each student reach their highest potential in school and in life. 


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A Day in the Life

The Lower School Schedule

Our school hours, currently, in Lower School are as follows:
JK-4th Grade Students: 8:00 AM - 3:00PM

Teachers collaborate intentionally to design school days that engage and inspire young learners. Students start each day in homeroom with Morning Meeting, emphasizing social emotional learning (SEL) and community-building. Students remain in homeroom for the core subjects (mathematics, social studies, and literacy) and visit specialist teachers for science, Spanish, art, music, physical education, and research skills. We never forget that our students are kids–first and foremost–so they have ample time and freedom to use our beautiful, outdoor learning spaces to run hard, move freely, and just play. Finally, in keeping with our vision, we dedicate time in the weekly schedule to empower students to “reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world” through authentic and meaningful service, community building, leadership, and civic engagement opportunities.


Bi-weekly Lower School assemblies cultivate a "through" line for our Lower School students - continuing to create community while also encouraging growth within each grade level.

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