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At Hillbrook, athletics is an essential part of a balanced education.

At Hillbrook, we believe that athletics fosters a lifetime of healthy habits, well-being, and the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. We have also found that participation in athletics reinforces our core values—be kind, be curious, take risks, be your best—in a very hands-on way. Hillbrook makes athletics an integral part of students' daily lives starting from their first year on campus. Our priorities for preparing students for competition include skill development, teamwork, participation, good sportsmanship, and pride in personal and team accomplishments. We believe a well-rounded and robust athletic program ensures each of our students' has the opportunities to learn and thrive in multiple concentrations of athletics while continuing to establish life-long skills and relationships through collaboration and teamwork.


Middle School Athletics

Beginning in middle school, students have the opportunity to participate in seasonal athletic teams. Each student who desires to play is provided an opportunity to play on a team, though not all students play equal amounts of time, based upon effort, attitude, as well as ability.  Below is a list of our sports offerings by season.

Fall (September-november)

Girls Volleyball 

Co-Ed Football 

Co-Ed Cross Country 


Winter (December-February)

Boys Basketball 


Winter (Late February-April)

Girls Basketball 


Spring (March-may)

Boys Volleyball 

Co-Ed Track 


Upper School Athletics

We are committed to developing a competitive high school athletic program with a full range of offerings. Our program will place a high priority on commitment, dedication, and participation, as well as an emphasis on competing at the highest levels; we expect a number of our graduates to eventually head off to play at the collegiate level. Our athletic program will offer serious athletes an opportunity to grow and develop, while also creating a space for all students to participate and develop lifelong habits of health and wellness.

We are excited to announce Tim Downes as our Founding Athletic Director. While Tim will not begin his role full-time until July 1, 2023, he will be starting to partner with Upper School Head, Mike Peller, in the Spring to design the programs for our first year and to start the hiring process for founding coaches. He is excited to build connections with the members of the Class of 2027 and their families, and to start laying the foundation for what we know will be an excellent high school athletic program.

To learn more about our Upper School Athletic Program beginning in the Fall of 2023, watch our recent virtual information session led by Founding Athletic Director, Tim Downes.

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Tim Downes

Tim Downes

Founding Athletic Director, Hillbrook Upper School
Trevor Bryden

Trevor Bryden

PE Teacher and Middle School Athletic Coordinator
Marius Alhambra

Marius Alhambra

PE Teacher
Tomas Thompson

Tomas Thompson

P.E. Teacher