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Vision 2030: Hillbrook's Strategic Plan

As we expand into a JK-12, we are standing at the most auspicious moment in our school’s history since our founding in 1935. vision 2030 is how we meet that moment - and the future.

Why Vision 2030?

For nearly 90 years, we have been a school where each student is known and valued as an individual, where laughter, joy, and friendship are a part of each day, where our core values - be kind, be curious, take risks, be your best - animate all that we do, and where we provide educational experiences that prepare students to reach their highest potential in school and in life. 

As we expand into a JK-12, we are uniquely positioned to create the educational program that all students deserve. Over the last 10 years, Hillbrook has become a leader across the independent school landscape, developing signature programs like the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Resident Teacher program, and the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and building a curriculum that prioritizes engagement and offers the “just right” challenge for each student. Through Vision 2030, we are excited to build on this strong foundation and establish ourselves as one of the preeminent JK-12 schools in the country. 

In what many are increasingly describing as a world defined by uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, mental health concerns are at an all-time high, and communities are increasingly fractured.  Against this backdrop, we reaffirm our commitment to our vision: to inspire students to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world.

This powerful work empowers us to design educational experiences that prepare students for jobs that do not yet exist, equipped with the social and emotional skills to thrive in an increasingly chaotic world. Our core questions - what matters to me and what I am going to do about it - ensure students understand the world as it is, and partner with others to build the world as they want it to be. 

We reaffirm our commitment to our vision: to inspire students to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world.

The Plan

Prioritize balanced excellence

connecting wellness and academic achievement

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make hillbrook a Community Hub

our school, your school: a trusted community center and resource

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broaden institutional reach & impact

leading and thriving through 2030 and beyond

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Prioritize Balanced Excellence

By prioritizing balanced excellence, we're recognizing that wellness and academic achievement are deeply interconnected. Amidst increasing calls for an education that prepares students to be the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow, Hillbrook has an opportunity to design and deliver a JK-12 program that truly prepares students for the future and represents the type of education that all students deserve. 


A group of students in matching event t-shirts stand with a student dressed as a bear, which is Hillbrook's mascot.

make hillbrook a Community Hub

By making Hillbrook a community hub, creating opportunities on both campuses to bring together employees, students, and families in new and meaningful ways, and deepening and extending the school’s connections in our local community and beyond. We have an opportunity to reestablish itself as a trusted community center and resource, an extended neighborhood for employees, students, families and community members.


Broaden Institutional Reach & Impact

Over the past ten years, Hillbrook has established itself as a leader in JK-8 education, pioneering innovative approaches to technology and classroom design and launching the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship. As we expand into a JK-12, we enthusiastically look to build on this work and firmly establish ourselves as a leading voice in JK-12 education and beyond, securing the school’s long-term financial strength through 2030 and beyond. 


The Process

Vision 2030 focuses on the next 7 years, allowing Hillbrook time to deepen our already-solid roots and expand into our new identity as a JK - 12 institution. 

Strategic Planning Committee

Colleen Schilly, Associate Head of School
Coy Ross (Class of '30 and '31)
Planning Committee
Irene Y Ahn (Class of '34)
Scott Buchholz (Class of '31)
Ilsa Dohmen, Director of Teaching and Learning
Kristina Drummond (Class of '30)
Erin Figueroa (Class of '31, '33, and '36)
Anthony Francis (Class of '30)
Chuck Hammers (Class of '13, '15, '17, and '20)
Shannon Hunt-Scott, Board Chair (Class of '29 and '27)
Josyane Kelly, Middle School Spanish Teacher
Gulliver LaValle, Head of Middle School and Director of DEI (Class of '27)
Sara Lee, 2nd Grade Teacher
Mary Low (Class of '30 and '32)
Annie Makela, Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Carrie Mayberry, 4th Grade Teacher
Jason Monma (Class of '36 and '32)
Dorian Okano, Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Mike Peller, Head of Upper School
Margaret Randazzo, Chief Financial Officer
Aditi Roy (Class of '32)
Mark Silver, Head of School (Class of '16, '19, and '27)
Heather Stinnett, Head of Lower School
Susan Timpano, Middle School English and HIstory Teacher
Kimberly Yarnall, Director of Capital Campaign
Danielle York (Class of '31 and '34)
Grace Zhu (Class of '28, '29, '32, and '33)

Experiences, Hopes, and Bold Ideas

The Strategic Planning Committee began its work by looking closely at the different arenas that inform our experience of the world now: education, economy & politics, family life and growing up, community and social relationships, environment, technology, and business & industry. Within these contexts, committee members were asked to identify major trends, opportunities, and challenges that are pushing our school to evolve - starting now

Over a series of in-person and virtual community conversations, constituents were invited to first consider what element of Hillbrook is their most cherished. A few key themes emerged: the excellence of Hillbrook’s faculty, preservation of childhood, palpable joy in the daily experience, compelling core values, and meaningful commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Overwhelmingly, the most commonly and deeply held part of Hillbrook is the community. Hillbrook is - at our core - about people. 


Learn more and get involved!

Reach out to Head of School Mark Silver ( and Associate Head of School Colleen Schilly ( to connect about Vision 2030.

Upcoming Events

Back to School Night
JK - 8th - Thursday, September 14

9th grade - Thursday, September 28