Hillbrook School and Los Gatos
Together since 1935.
Dear Neighbors,

We are honored to celebrate over 80 years as a part of the Marchmont neighborhood and the greater Los Gatos community. Since our beginning as the Children's Country School, when we welcomed children who were wards of the state, we have enjoyed welcoming students to our safe and nurturing campus and town. We are proud to continue to attract young and curious learners to a place that embodies the warm, close-knit spirit of Los Gatos. 

Hillbrook continues to be a community school in and of Los Gatos, serving many of our families who live and work right here in town. We look forward to enjoying a bright and promising future with you in a place that each one of us is proud to call home.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to hear from you and get to know you as we strive and thrive together. 


Mark Silver, Ph.D.
Head of School

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Traffic Exception Days

2021-22 Dates Announced Soon!

Family Fun Night*
- September
Back To School Night* - September 
Home Games - October
Winter Concert* - December 
Home Games - January and February
8th Grade Musical* - March
Alumni Celebration* - May

* Indicates an evening event

Weekend & Evening Events

2021 Dates Announced Soon! 

Family Fun Night - September 
Back To School Night - September 
Sports Tournament - October 
Winter Concert - December
Sports Tournament - January 
8th Grade Musical - March 
Alumni Celebration - May
8th Grade Recognition and Graduation Ceremony - June
An independent Junior Kindergarten -8th grade school in Los Gatos since 1935

300 Marchmont Drive
Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 356-6116 | info@hillbrook.org