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Hillbrook School: Who We Are




Hillbrook provides an extraordinary educational experience that fosters a love of learning in our students and helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve their highest individual potential in school and in life. At Hillbrook, students are known, respected, and valued as individuals, and every day is a journey of self-discovery, imaginative thinking, creative problem solving, laughter, and friendship.


Inspire students to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world.





Everyone in our campus community knows that it matters how we treat each other. From the moment students are greeted in the morning to the time they leave campus in the afternoon, they are immersed in a culture that cares about and celebrates kindness. 
We lead with questions, and encourage a sense of wonder and a spirit of discovery. Student choice and engagement at the center of the learning experience. 
Whether telling a joke at Flag, trying a new activity for the first time, or experiencing ideas and cultures very different from their own, students are encouraged to reach beyond their comfort zone and embrace the learning that happens when we take risks. 
Each and every day, we challenge ourselves to be our best selves, knowing that together we can realize our ambitious vision to make the world a better place. 




Every Hillbrook student understands they have voice and agency, and can determine for themselves what difference they will make in the world.

Our curriculum is challenging, flexible, and anchored in standards – it’s designed to keep bodies active and minds engaged as our students sharpen their skills and broaden their understanding of the world, their communities, and themselves.  

We believe that the best learning happens through doing. The real world is a cross-disciplinary place–and so are our classrooms. Our curriculum is designed to provide authentic activities and explorations which overlap and connect in unexpected ways. There is a point, purpose, and takeaway to every learning activity–no work for work’s sake.

We design learning with a “low floor and a high ceiling” so each student has their own entry point, and there is infinite potential for complexity, skill-sharpening, and mastery.

We foster an equitable daily classroom experience in which every student can access the curriculum in a way that provides a meaningful learning experience. No matter where our students are in their educational journeys, they can expect to be appropriately challenged, authentically engaged, and wholly supported by their teachers.

Curriculum Connections:
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