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The Hillbrook Parent Association (HPA):

The Hillbrook Parent Association (HPA) enables parents to experience the joy of the Hillbrook journey alongside their children, and the opportunity to shape that adventure.

Every Hillbrook parent is a member of the Hillbrook Parent Association, an organization led by parent volunteers who work closely with administration and faculty. The HPA is a rich resource and touchpoint for our adult community members and meetings are lively gatherings where we share news, advancements, and parent resources.

As Grade Level Parents and HPA event chairs, just two of the hundreds of varied roles offered within HPA, parents and guardians play major roles in curating some of our most beloved traditions. These varied and on-going opportunities offer our families a valuable opportunity to shape an event or a school life experience and to be deeply involved Hillbrook happenings in a way that suits their strengths and passions.

Hillbrook Parent Association Leadership

Christine Coughlin, President

Julia Austin, President-Elect

Laura Machado, DEI Representative