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The Kindergarten Gingerbread Project

At Hillbrook, integrated learning is everywhere–even in our cookies.

The Gingerbread Project

The story of the Gingerbread Man is familiar across cultures, and at Hillbrook, it’s an opportunity for our kindergarteners to make connections across academic disciplines:

Math: Graphing what part of the gingerbread man we like to eat first

Science and Engineering: Creating code to help the gingerbread man escape from the fox

Writing and Social Emotional Learning (SEL): Collaborating as a class to develop a version of the story

Fine Arts: Designing gingerbread people and their clothing and bedding

Music and Dramatic Arts: Engaging in reenactments and arranging melodies for the refrain

Culinary arts: Baking gingerbread for the community to enjoy

All of this culminates in the final activity when students discover their gingerbread people are missing! Following the paper clues left behind by these fast and tricky cookies, students have to rely on their reading and math skills–as well as their wits–to figure out their whereabouts.