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We ask questions, and we ask a lot of them. We open ourselves up to the person, the opportunity, or the challenge in front of us. 
And then, we act. We take risks and get comfortable with uncertainty. We don’t wait for just the right moment or the perfect process before we move forward. Failure? Sure, that happens sometimes. So next time, we’ll fail better.

We collaborate, because we understand the strength of diversity–more minds means more points of view. We ideate, we create, we listen, we percolate, we try again. It’s all progress.

We share out what we’ve learned, reaching beyond ourselves, our campus, or our community. We take in the feedback, the good and the bad, because both have the power to inform us and to inspire us–to make us more curious.

Begin again.
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  • Photo of Ilsa Dohmen

    Ilsa Dohmen 

    Director of Teaching and Learning
    (408) 356-6116 ext. 578
  • Photo of Colleen Schilly

    Colleen Schilly 

    Associate Head of School
    (408) 356-6116 ext. 315
  • Photo of Amy Hand

    Amy Hand 

    Head of Middle School
An independent Junior Kindergarten -8th grade school in Los Gatos since 1935

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