High-Quality Distance Learning Program

Our Distance Learning delivers the full value of a Hillbrook Education.

Update - July 17, 2020: At this moment, we are continuing forward with planning for in-person learning, while also ensuring that we are prepared for distance learning if necessary. Click here to learn more about our plans to Reunite Hillbrook in Fall 2020. 
On March 17, Hillbrook began its distance learning continuity plan in response to the county-wide order to shelter in place implemented by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

Learn how the hallmarks of a Hillbrook educationchoice, engagement, and genuine connection—lay the foundation for a robust distance learning experience that is keeping children engaged with their academic growth, their peers, their school community, and Hillbrook School's mission and vision. 

We aim to continue to meet each studentand each familywhere they are.
“More than ever, families need to make decisions that are right for their children and we will do our best to support and offer programming that you and your family can access. This is definitely not a one size fits all moment...As you endeavor to be with your children, we will continue to strive to be with you and with them with the same care and excellence that you have come to expect from Hillbrook.” - Colleen Schilly, Associate Head of School

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  • Hillbrook's Lower School Learning Continuity Program

    Our daily schedule is a signature part of the Hillbrook Education, providing a consistent foundation and clear expectations that especially ground our youngest students and allow them to engage with confidence and curiosity throughout their day. 

    As we adopt a remote learning program, the value of our schedule becomes more important than ever. This daily schedule is designed to give students and families structure and peace of mind that students’ learning remains as consistent and engaging as they would expect from our regular school program. True to Hillbrook’s educational philosophy, this schedule also remains flexible to each family’s priorities and needs as we navigate this time in our community, county, and country.

    On Mondays, at 8 AM: Our entire community synchronously tunes in for Virtual Flag, the online version of our weekly school-wide assembly, where we will share announcements, an opportunity to share jokes, and connect as a community.

    Morning Meetings happen from 8 - 8:30 AM: All Lower School students have the opportunity to connect with their homeroom via Google Meet or Flipgrid for Morning Meeting. Just like during the regular school day, teachers greet the class and perform a check-in, preserving an SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) opportunity for students to share where they are and what they need in order to be their best and start their day.  Teachers also share information with students about what they can look forward to that day.

    By 8 AM, students can expect teachers to provide assignments and content on Seesaw, a digital learning platform. Specialist teachers also share assignments and content on each day that their class would have met at school. Students will be able to ask questions of their teachers, provide responses, and submit completed workincluding photos and videos of real-world projectsusing our digital learning platform.

    Just as they would during work time in the classroom, homeroom teaching teams also hold small group meetings with students on Google Meet. At Hillbrook, the authentic, warm, and connected relationships between teacher and child are paramount to our program.

    By noon, all teachers will respond to any student and family questions shared from the morningeither via email or on SeeSaw about assignments. Students will also see the work they submitted shared on Seesaw.

    From 2:40 - 3 PM, homeroom teachers will host a closing meeting via Google Meet.
  • Hillbrook's Middle School Learning Continuity Program

    The Middle School schedule is an innovative and signature part of the Hillbrook Education that balances the intentional use of time for in-depth project-based learning experiences while also creating a program that values our Middle School students’ need for flexibility, agency, and creativity. Our remote learning program reflects the excellence and intentionality of our regular school program, providing ample time for real-time connection and collaboration between peers and teachers while also recognizing a need to be agile and easily adaptable to the needs of each family as we navigate this time in our country.

    On Mondays, at 8 AM: Our entire community synchronously tunes in for Virtual Flag, the online version of our weekly school-wide assembly, where we will share announcements, an opportunity to share jokes, and connect as a community.

    From 8 - 8:30 AM each day, all middle school students connect for advisory time via Flipgrid. Advisors share a video reminding students of their responsibilities that day and directing them to the places they should look for assignments, including email and Google Classroom. This platform also allows students to interact with one another and with their advisor, providing our best possible substitute for face-to-face connection and community. Advisors use entries on Flipgrid to take “attendance” to ensure that students are accessing directions for the day. On Fridays, all advisories will be held at the same time using Google Meet, giving students and their advisors dedicated weekly time to connect live with each other.

    By 8 AM, all teachers—including academics, PE, and even electives—use Google Classroom, Flipgrid, or another digital platform to provide two learning opportunities each day that their class would have met at school. Virtual assignments are due the same day and are designed to take the length of that class period.

    Teachers also offer other ways in which students can continue learning at home and with each other—for instance, through a whole-class Google Meet.

    By noon, students can expect responses from their teachers to any questions they shared during their morning work time. 

    From 3-4 PM, just as in the regular school day, academic teachers will hold virtual office hours for extra help (an optional resource for students) via Google Meet. 

    As it would during the regular school week, Reach Beyond learning continues each Tuesday! Reach Beyond Block is dedicated time in the schedule where students engage with social impact, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work through a variety of hands-on, real-world, and—at times—student-led experiences. 

    Middle School students only need to remember one deadline: All assignments for the day are due by 8 PM.  

    Support for students and families: The partnership between home and school has always been a crucial element within the Hillbrook experience. The success of Hillbrook’s remote learning is scaffolded upon this shared community value.

    Teachers and members of the Hillbrook Tech Team respond to parent and student questions and support needs during the school day. 

    Teachers consistently provide feedback on student work and update digital gradebooks in a manner similar to how they would have if regular school were in session.
Connected with our Community.
The impact of the COVID-19 crisis is being felt throughout the world and certainly within our communities. In a time of uncertainty, Hillbrook is committed to supporting our families and the community that we all love and cherish. Click here to learn how we are actively Supporting Our People in the year ahead.
Here's a glimpse at how we are staying connected with our families:

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Hillbrook Reaches Out
“In this unprecedented remote learning environment, structures to help students feel connected locally and globally are critical." - Annie Makela, Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship
"At this particular time in our nation's history, the Hillbrook ethos of reaching beyond and making a difference has become more important than ever." - Mark Silver, Head of School
Here is what our families are saying:
“[My child] is a person who thrives best when she knows what to expect. This is helping her grow muscles in many ways: faith - in herself, her teachers, her peers- that everyone will rally together and swim in these new waters as best they can; patience- with herself and the process that couldn’t really be contextualized until today; and reflection, which we do and will continue to guide her to unfold. We will talk about the ways in which the sense of community was held strong today, and notice how people come together in the face of hardship. This sense of rallying is an important life noticing - and one with which we can all identify. It’s so empowering.”
“A huge thanks to your team for everything...The kids were so excited to engage with their teachers, friends, other Hillbrook videos, and beyond.  We are all so fortunate to have such an amazing team at Hillbrook.”
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