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7 Reasons for 8

Why Choose a School that Ends in the Eighth Grade
By eighth grade, you know your child as a learner. In the elementary years, your child’s academic strengths, interests, learning styles, and gifts become defined. By the time your child is thirteen, the best “match” for high school is easy to determine.

As an eighth grader, your child is involved in choosing the high school. During the early childhood years you, as parents, make the school decisions. A family choice, involving your eighth grader, strengthens the commitment to achieving success in high school.

Children often need a change. Nine years is a long time to be in one school and children are ready for a change of venue, new friends, and new challenges. According to the statistics, few students begin in kindergarten and graduate as seniors from the same school. Because Hillbrook ends in eighth grade, all of the students leave together, offering support to one another. At ninth grade, children are eager to experience new friendships and another environment that supports their interests before college.

Your child has early leadership and activity opportunities. Older students at Hillbrook serve in student government, publish their own yearbook, become part of interscholastic athletic teams beginning in fifth grade, conduct school-wide service activities, serve as buddies to the younger students, and assume the mantle of leadership, acting as
role models for the entire student body.

The Head of the Middle School, you, your child, and high school admission directors work in partnership to find a high school “match” that recognizes your child’s unique gifts and achievements. Beginning in the spring of seventh grade, parents meet with the placement team and receive a checklist and timeline. Individualized meetings with families, as well as an eighth grade Decisions Course for students, are part of a well-designed, personalized placement process to support you and your child. Hillbrook students are pursued by high schools because they are well-prepared, self-assured, self-confident, and well-rounded students, often becoming leaders in high school.

The elementary school familial environment allows students to experience age appropriate activities and events, without the influence and pressure of older students. Seventh and eighth graders are not “caught in the middle” but take on the role of “seniors.” At the same time they can be themselves, often remaining “younger” a bit longer. Our facilities are age appropriate and reserved for the use of all of our students. Our teachers are cognizant of developmental levels and committed to the elementary years.

The “Hillbrook Connection” continues throughout life. Our graduates maintain the close friendships they acquire during their years at Hillbrook. And everyone looks forward to the annual Alumni Celebration, where graduates return to experience and remember their time at Hillbrook.
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