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Academic Excellence

At Hillbrook, academic excellence involves reaching beyond the four walls of the classroom, beyond the linear and rote, to a rich and integrated experience. Through a challenging and differentiated curriculum, teachers prepare children to make choices that stimulate and stretch them intellectually, aesthetically, and physically.

Students take on the process of their own learning: to question, discover, and think independently. They build intellectual curiosity, interpersonal and critical thinking skills, technological expertise, and self-confidence. By the end of their time at Hillbrook, students come to embody our core values—be kind, be curious, take risks, and be your best.
Diversity and Inclusivity

Hillbrook educates a diverse and inclusive student body, respecting all members and honoring the individual character and spirit of each child. In a safe, nurturing environment, we provide an experience for children that reflects the breadth and depth within the world and prepares children for life's possibilities.

Partnership between School and Family

We believe children develop best when there is a welcoming and active partnership between school and family. This partnership is pivotal to the school community and strengthens the foundation for learning. Together we develop and model shared values of integrity, personal responsibility, respect, empathy, and kindness toward one another.

Citizenship and Leadership

Hillbrook challenges students to become engaged, ethically responsible citizens and future leaders. A meaningful integration of service learning throughout all grades at Hillbrook instills in students life-long values associated with service to others, both locally and globally.
Students have the opportunity to take on leadership roles thereby enhancing their confidence, knowledge, and skills as future leaders.  We encourage students to look, think, and prepare themselves to become citizens in a globalized world.
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