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Discover Hillbrook

Meet the Head of School

Each day I set foot upon our campus and enter a place unlike any other—an innovative, twenty-first century school amidst a bucolic campus. Science laboratories and a state-of-the-art library share space with outdoor gardens, multiple play spaces, a creek, and even a chicken coop. If I arrive early enough, I sometimes even chance upon a flock of wild turkeys.

Three qualities make our school exceptional.
  • Unparalleled opportunities. Our talented faculty offers an expansive and challenging program in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Our students are encouraged to be scientists, artists, athletes, mathematicians, musicians, and writers.

  • Each child is known and valued. Students step on campus in the morning and are immediately greeted by name. Each child is understood as an individual with unique gifts and talents. Success is measured one child at a time.

  • Joyful community. A sense of humor and boundless curiosity comfortably thrive amidst a challenging, academic program. Whether telling jokes at Flag, our weekly all-school assembly, or running from class to class, our students grow and flourish in an environment that allows children to be children.
What are the results of a Hillbrook education? Each year we graduate poised, articulate, empathetic, creative, and intellectually flexible young adults, the strongest evidence for the positive impact of our program.

I hope you take the time to come and visit our campus and learn more about our programs. I am confident that there is no better place for teachers to teach or students to learn.

Mark Silver, Ph.D.
Head of School
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